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Is mold in your brand new home actually a construction defect?

| Oct 1, 2021 | Construction Law |

Building a brand new home seems like the most reasonable way to ensure that the space where you live is clean and safe. After all, when you buy an older home, there’s no way of knowing how the previous owners cleaned or maintained the property. There could be dirty surprises lurking under the carpet or in the grout. 

When you move into a new house, it should be in good condition and safe for you to inhabit. Unfortunately, if the builder cut corners while working on your home, you might notice mold developing in your bathroom or anywhere else where moisture accumulates. 

Is mold in a brand new home a construction defect?

Construction professionals should try to prevent mold

The construction industry is all about efficiency and economy of scale. That, unfortunately, means that the people working on your home may worry more about how quickly they can build it rather than the safest and cleanest way to do so. 

They might leave parts of the building exposed during rain storms, later trapping that water inside the building. They could also use shortcuts when finishing, painting and sealing your home that makes it easier for mold to take hold inside the newly constructed building. 

If you can show that questionable construction practices contributed to the mold issue, then you may have grounds for a construction defect claim against the company that built your home. After all, you shouldn’t need to immediately pay for mold remediation services after building a custom home.

Understanding your rights when it comes to construction issues on a new property can help empower you to take action.