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Helping Landowners Receive Maximum Compensation

If the government or another condemning authority uses eminent domain to acquire land, they have an obligation to pay the landowner just compensation. However, there is a lot of room for interpretation when determining this amount. Landowners frequently receive an offer that is much lower than what they deserve.

Landowners throughout Tennessee can turn to Bouldin & Bouldin, PLC, for tenacious advocacy in all matters related to eminent domain. G. Sumner R. Bouldin, the principal attorney, has years of experience handling immensely complex eminent domain cases swiftly and skillfully. When it comes to securing just compensation for landowners, he fights to recover the maximum amount available to clients.

How To Determine Just Compensation

Under the Tennessee Constitution, property owners are entitled to the fair market value of any property condemned through eminent domain. Just compensation includes two factors:

  1. The actual value of the property
  2. Incidental damage done to the remainder of the land

If the government approaches you with an initial offer, do not accept it. Often, waiting for the redevelopment project to finish is the only way to determine the full extent of the damage to your former parcel of land. With that said, you should contact an attorney as soon as you can to fight the condemnation process. A lawyer can review the offer, assess its fairness and potentially negotiate a more favorable offer.

Discuss Eminent Domain And Just Compensation With A Lawyer

Act quickly if you have received a notice of condemnation. If you do not file a challenge within 30 days, the government has the right to condemn your land. Work with Bouldin & Bouldin, PLC, for the experienced and effective representation you need on your side in eminent domain matters. To schedule a consultation at the firm’s Murfreesboro, call 615-893-9033 or use the firm’s online contact form.