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Your Land Belongs To You – Keep It That Way

Just because the government has the right to expropriate private land for public property does not mean that it should. When property owners face the condemnation of their land, it is critical that an attorney advocates for their rights against the powerful forces of the local, state or federal government.

Bouldin & Bouldin, PLC, has served the people of Tennessee since 1868. Principal attorney G. Sumner R. Bouldin represents landowners of all varieties – including individuals, business entities and nonprofit organizations – whose land has been condemned through eminent domain laws. He uses experience, skill and knowledge to protect the rights of landowners from the abuse of government power.

Eminent Domain: What To Know

The Fifth Amendment grants the government the power to seize private land for public use. Some common justifications include roadways, oil pipelines, power lines and urban development. If a landowner does not object to the condemnation order within 30 days, it becomes official. One can halt the process only if it can be shown that the condemning authority failed to meet the standards for public use.

It is rare to halt eminent domain entirely. With a lawyer’s strong advocacy, though, it is sometimes possible. Landowners may also have options for halting the condemnation process, reducing the amount of land appropriated or increasing the amount of just compensation they receive.

In the precondemnation phase, keep any documents that are related to the condemnation, particularly the appraisal and the justification for the value the authorities are offering. These papers can go a long way in strengthening the case to retain the private property in question.

Seek Counsel From An Eminent Domain Lawyer

Landowners do not have to roll over without standing up for their rights. With more than 150 years in practice, Bouldin & Bouldin, PLC, has the standing to handle complex eminent domain cases. To schedule an initial consultation with Mr. Bouldin, call the firm’s Murfreesboro office at 615-893-9033 or use the online contact form.