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Counsel For Construction Claims Throughout Tennessee

Last updated on October 6, 2023

Construction law is an area fraught with potential disputes. The local, state and federal regulations are not only immensely complex but also subject to diverse interpretation. With so many parties involved in construction projects – property owners, development companies, contractors, subcontractors and more – someone is bound to raise an issue eventually.

Since 1868, Bouldin & Bouldin, PLC, has served clients in the Murfreesboro area and elsewhere throughout Tennessee. The firm’s four generations of attorneys have secured favorable outcomes via litigation and alternative dispute resolution. Attorney G. Sumner R. Bouldin, the current principal attorney, offers counsel for a spectrum of construction law problems. These include:

  • Contractor and subcontractor disputes
  • Construction or design defects
  • Construction delays
  • Unforeseen site conditions
  • Payment claims
  • Mechanic’s liens
  • Noncompliance of contractual obligations
  • Other contract disputes

Sumner represents individuals and business entities as plaintiffs or defendants. Clients always receive his personal attention and hands-on service. He limits the number of cases that he handles at one time. This ensures that your legal matter always receives the care that it deserves.

A Board-Certified Trial Lawyer On Your Team

Sumner is a board-certified Civil Trial Specialist. The state of Tennessee and the National Board of Trial Advocacy granted him this rare distinction after extensive training and education. Less than 2% of attorneys statewide have the honor of board certification.

Seek Counsel Regarding Your Construction Law Matter

The sooner you bring a legal difficulty to Bouldin & Bouldin, PLC, the sooner you can begin down the road toward a satisfactory resolution. Call the firm at 615-893-9033 to schedule an initial consultation in which you can discuss construction law representation with an attorney. You can also reach out online via online contact form.