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How fast does eminent domain happen? 

On Behalf of | Feb 22, 2022 | Eminent Domain |

Eminent domain is a power that the government has to take private property for public use. 

For instance, maybe you have a family business that has been on the same small street since your father opened that business twenty years before you were born. You have no desire to move and you’re very proud of it, but the city wants to put a new highway through so that they can promote tourism. They decide to use eminent domain to take your business and use that land for this highway.

But how fast is that going to happen? Are they just going to knock on your door and tell you that the business needs to close next week because the government is taking the land? Or will you have more time?

This is a very complex process

First and foremost, no, it’s not going to happen that fast. This whole thing is very complex and the government has to negotiate with you over the fair value of your land. You may not agree on that value, and then the case may go to court. When this happens, both sides will have to present their arguments and the court will have to make a ruling. All of this can take more than a year in some cases. You are definitely not going to lose your business overnight, even if you do end up having to sell eventually

It is very important to understand your legal options at this time. Maybe you don’t think the government is offering you a fair amount of money. Maybe you don’t want them to take your land at all. Perhaps you’re just curious about your rights. There is a lot going on that’s going to dramatically impact your life, and you need to know what steps you can take