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3 tips to prevent construction litigation

On Behalf of | May 11, 2022 | Construction Law |

You cannot entirely rule out the risk of construction litigation. Building work involves so many factors that it is common for things not to go entirely to plan.

Yet you can do several things that prevent the chance of a lawsuit happening to you.

Do not be pressured

The client needs the work done in two months, despite you telling them it will take three. You talk to your crew and decide that you can meet the tight deadline if you pull out all the stops and everything goes perfectly, and so you agree to your client’s request.

If a client was pushy enough to demand the impossible, they are likely to be just as pushy if you fail to meet that deadline. Turning the work down is probably better than agreeing to something that puts you at a high risk of litigation.

Do not be tempted into areas you do not have experience in

When a client asks if you know how to do something, consider carefully before you answer. You built your reputation on doing what you know well, so while it might be tempting to say you can do work in another area, the consequences of failure will be serious. It could ruin your good reputation and end up with a costly court battle.

Protect yourself

However careful and skilled you are, things can go wrong during construction, and parties can misunderstand each other. Being ruthless about documenting everything and supervising everyone will make it easier to defend against accusations.

If despite your best efforts, someone threatens you with construction litigation, get legal help straightaway. It might allow you to put the matter to rest before it gets to the court or if not, it will increase your chances of success.