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Did you find mold in your home after construction was finished? 

On Behalf of | Sep 24, 2022 | Construction Law |

You had a dream home in mind so you went ahead and planned to have it built. After many months of working alongside contractors and construction workers, your home was done and livable. You thought, since it was a newly built home, there wouldn’t be any problems – but you were wrong.

It’s a reasonable assumption to believe older homes come with many problems – like water damage and foundation cracks – but it can be upsetting to find your new home may have even worse problems. You may discover that your new home is the perfect ecosystem for mold to grow. So, what’s the next step after finding your home is inhabitable? 

Cutting corners can be costly

Building a home fast and cheap comes with an unexpected price. You may work with a construction team that cuts corners to make their homes quickly livable. Their actions however may have left your home exposed to the elements.

There may be clear signs that your home is not only open for your family but also rain, snow, bugs and pests. Weather and animals can enter your home and destroy the foundation, leaving your home unsafe and unclean. 

Construction workers may skip out on doing their work causing your family to suffer health concerns. You may need to know your legal rights when discussing construction law and your ability to seek a remedy to your problems.