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Contractor and subcontractor disputes often lead to litigation

On Behalf of | Feb 13, 2023 | Construction Law |

Some occupational partnerships in the construction industry turn out to be nearly perfect. The contractor and subcontractors share a drive to succeed, communicate well and have similar professional ethics, for example.

Other times, the two parties cannot agree on anything, and one consistently performs shoddy work, resulting in delays and more expenses. If the parties cannot resolve the dispute out of court, the harmed person may seek a remedy by filing a lawsuit.

Two examples of contractor/subcontractor litigation

Say you are a subcontractor who delivered professional services to a contractor for an agreed-upon fee. Unfortunately, you never received payment for the work you performed. After repeatedly trying to collect, you finally file a lawsuit in a last-resort effort to get what you are due.

Other times, the contractor may be the party considering litigation. Say a contractor hires a subcontractor to pour a concrete foundation for a home construction project. If the subcontractor made mistakes resulting in defects, the contractor could turn to litigation to recover their economic losses.

How do you know if construction litigation is wise?

As with most things, there are no guarantees promising how your case will end. However, good preparation can increase your odds of success. Gathering evidence to support your claim is one of the first steps in preparing for litigation.

In many situations, you can uncover this evidence within your records. Those with impeccable contract and documentation practices probably have such evidence at their fingertips. Other times, experienced legal representation can help you find ways to strengthen your case.

Knowledge of the laws that govern business and construction in Tennessee can also help you get the justice you deserve.