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Why is it legally unwise to ignore a potential business dispute?

On Behalf of | May 9, 2023 | Business Law |

Running a successful business involves juggling multiple critical matters at once. It can be hard to determine what issues need immediate attention and what you can put on the back burner for a while.

You might be tempted to ignore a brewing dispute, but doing so is nearly always a mistake. Often, seemingly minor problems like the two examples below escalate into matters so complex that litigation is the only solution.

Lease disputes

If you own a large commercial property and lease parts of it to other business owners, one of your tenants may claim that you are not maintaining the property according to the terms of the commercial lease agreement.

You feel confident that your contract proves they are mistaken, so you don’t worry much about the complaint. In the meantime, however, your tenant has plenty of time to build a case against you.

Address a lease dispute as soon as it arises to help ensure the uninterrupted flow of your rental income.

Employee disputes

It is safe to say that most workers know their rights and are prepared to guard them. When business owners fail to address perceived wrongdoing within the workplace, they are at risk of serious legal issues. For example, an unaddressed complaint of discrimination or sexual harassment often sets the stage for employment law claims and lawsuits.

Let your staff know you care about their concerns by immediately addressing any issues they bring to your attention.

Be proactive to prevent disputes

Realistically, not all business disputes can be avoided, but many can. Learn more about the Tennessee laws relevant to your operations to protect your company. Another way to minimize litigation risk is to have a legal professional review your contracts and agreements.